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1x24w, 1x36w & 1x50w Remote Area Lighting Systems (Single Head)
1x24w, 1x36w & 1x50w  Remote Area Lighting Systems Single Head

This system is suitable for compact and portable lighting requirements that require to focus light in particular direction. This system is more compact than the big portable lighting systems & other dual head Remote Area Lighting Systems. It is available in 3 models of 1X24Watt, 1X36Watt & 1X50Watt versions. It has 3 dimming modes, viz Low, Medium & High. System is available in backup version of 4 Hours & 8 Hours. It has a remote control additional accessory that can facilitate remote control operations from upto 100 meters distance.


Light mast facilities extension of light upto 5 feet from ground level. It has a 4 level battery level indicator to indicate battery levels. Light can be rotated in 360° in horizontal plane and 90° in vertical plane. Powerful BIS certified lithium battery provides uninterrupted backup. System is IP64 and can be used in all weathers. System facilitates the use of cordless hand lamp of OES Make. For detailed technical specifications for tender, please email us.

Model :
Min Order Qty : 5 Nos.

Technical Specifications

Parameters 1X24Watt 1X36Watt 1X50Watt
Led Power 24Watts 36 Watts 50Watts
Total Lumes 2400 3600 5000
Run Time /Backup Time 4 Hrs / 8 Hrs 4 Hrs / 8 Hrs 4 Hrs / 8 Hrs
Battery Type & Capacity LiPo 24V, XXmAh LiPo 24V, XXmAh LiPo 24V, XXmAh
Battery Protections BTL, OVR CHG, SS BTL, OVR CHG, SS BTL, OVR CHG, SS
IP 64 / Water Proof Yes Yes Yes
Charge Time 3 To 4 Hrs 3 To 4 Hrs 4 To 5 Hrs
Input Charging Voltage 220VAC, 50Hz 220VAC, 50Hz 220VAC, 50Hz
Mast Height 5 Feet, Adjustable 5 Feet, Adjustable 5 Feet, Adjustable
Radiation Angle >30  & < 120 >30  & < 120 >30  & < 120
Country Of Origin Made In India Made In India Made In India
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year

Key features

  • Aailable in 24W, 36W & 50W Version
  • IP64 Aall Weather Use
  • 4 Hrs, 8 Hrs – 2 Models
  • Powerful Directional Light Focus
  • COmpact Design
  • Powerful Lithium Battery
  • Portable & Compact
  • 3 Operating Modes
  • Constant Light Output
  • Remote Control Option*
  • Adjustable Light Mast Upto 5 Feet
  • Authentication Key
  • Head Lamp Connection Option Available
  • Made In India
  • 1 Year Warranty

Note : For more detailed technical specifications for tenders pls email us.