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Portable, Rechargeable, Remote Controlled Traffic Signal Light System
Portable, Rechargeable, Remote Controlled Traffic Signal Light System

Many times a situation arises where traffic control becomes very difficult. Especially during accidents, temporary rout diversions, check posts, naka bandis, drunk driving checking etc. A traffic signal with remote control is what is required in such cases to control the traffic smoothly. However big traffic signals cannot be controlled so easily as they are integrated with the main traffic signal system. A portable & rechargeable signaling system is what is ideally required. Om Energy Savers has launched for the first time in INDIA a portable, rechargeable and remote controlled temporary signaling system which is very useful in above mentioned situations. The system can be operated for 24 hours on a single charge continuously.


The system is also having auto configuration where timing can be set for RED , AMBER & GREEN light as desired. Flashing / Watch & Go can also be set. The signals can also be controlled from a wireless / remote control system from upto 100 meters distance. The system can also be charged on solar power (additional accessory) . The system is mounted on an adjustable sturdy tripod stand and its height can be adjusted as required. Tripod stand is sturdy & can sustain in high wind speeds of upto 40KMPH. This system is designed, developed & manufactured by Om Energy Savers and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Min Order Qty : 5 Nos.

Technical Specifications

  • 3 Aspects Of Traffic Signal Viz : Red, Amber, Green
  • Led Cluster SMD / Through Hole Led
  • Led Wattage Minimum Per Light : 5 Watts ~ 10 Watts
  • 3 Operating Modes : Flashing, Constant (Manual), Auto (Timer Based)
  • IP 65 All Weather Operation Enclosure
  • Remote + Panel Control System
  • Powerful Rechargeable Battery (BIS Certified)
  • Adjustable Tripod Stand Upto 8 Feet height
  • Vehicle Charging + Electric Charging
  • 25 Hours Backup
  • Visibility From More Than 2Km.
  • Microcontroller Based System
  • Operating Temperature Range : -10° C To 45° C
  • Operating Humidity Range : 0% RH TO 99% RH
  • Approximate System Weight : 5 To 7 KGs Depending on Accessories Chosen

Key features

  • Portable, Rechargeable Traffic Light
  • Rugged, Water Proof, All Weather
  • Remote Controlled System
  • Long Operating Hours (24 Hours Backup
  • Powerful Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Adjustable Tripod System
  • Portable Trolley For Carrying System
  • Dust, Vibration Proof design
  • Can Be Charged From Vehicle Also
  • Powerful Red, Amber & Green Led
  • Fast Electric Charger
  • Additional SOlar Charging Facility
  • Visibility from More Than 2 Km.
  • 3 Operating Modes : Constant, Flashing / Watch & Go
  • Ideal For Police, Check Posts, Naka Bandi
  • Temp Traffic Diversions