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Inflatable Tower Light / Balloon Light 400watts / 40000 Lumens
Inflatable tower light / balloon light 400watts / 40000 lumens

This system has been around for a decade, however our design includes lot of design improvements and latest technologies that have been implemented in the new design of inflatable tower light / balloon light. System operates on a Petrol Generator of 800 to 1200 VA, of 4 stroke, single cylinder. It consists of a special fabric material that inflates itself in about two or three minutes. A powerful 400 Watt Metal Halide Lamp provides glare-free 40000 lumens of light output that covers a large area in 360° in horizontal plane. Powerful air blowers keep the inflated structure in position even in strong winds on 40 KMPH. A height of approximately 4.5 meters is achieved that provides illumination covering a larger area.


Heavy Duty Trolley with Big Wheels facilitates easy movement over rough terrain. System is protected with IP65 Junction Box that protects the connections. MCB is also protected with an IP65 Enclosure. Ideal for Police, Disaster Management, Railways, Road Depts, Civil & Construction works, Relief & Rescue Operations. This system is designed, developed & assembled in INDIA by Om Energy Savers and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Model : OESITL400W8H/10H
Min Order Qty : 1 Nos.

Technical Specifications

  • 400 Watt Metal Halide Lamp
  • 1200 VA Petrol Generator
  • 4 Stroke Engine
  • 1 Plug Point For External Connection
  • Protected Generator Enclosure
  • Height In Inflated State is 4.5 Mtrs.
  • Inflate Time : 3 Mins
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 8.5 Liters
  • Light Radiation Angle – 360°
  • Wind Sustainance : 40 KMPH
  • Additional 5 Mts GUY Ropes for Additional Stability
  • Ballon Made from Special Polyster Fabric
  • MS Tube Frame With AL Base & Anti Vibration Rubber Pads
  • Generator Output : 220V AC, 50 HZ
  • Single Phase MCB Protected Output
  • Recoil Start System
  • Surge / Spike protected
  • Over Current MCB protection
  • Fuel Level Indicator
  • All Spares Available with OEM
  • Weight : Approx 48 Kg (Dry Weight, Without Carry Case and Accessories
  • Made In India
  • 1 Year Warranty

Key features

  • Powerful 400000 Lumens of Light
  • Glare Free Illumination
  • IP54 All Weather Design
  • Powerful 1200 VA Petrol Generator
  • Sturdy Trolley With Heavy Duty Wheels
  • 360° Adjustable Light Direction
  • Protected Electrical Joints & MCB
  • Covers About 10,000 Sqmtrs Area
  • Powerful Dual Blower for Better Stability
  • Special Carry Handles For Transportation
  • 8.5 Or More Liters Tank Capacity
  • Intelligent Pressure Monitoring System with Alarm

Note : For more detailed technical specifications for tenders pls email us.