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High Voltage Detecting Helmet

High Voltage Detecting Helmet with Audio and Visual Alert

Life of a worker or an engineer is at total risk when working with high voltages. There are hundreds of deaths in the country due to high voltage proximity . This unique product is a life saviour that alerts the user when there is high voltage in proximity. It consists of a mini circuit and a battery that monitors the high voltage continuously. The unique audio & visual feature alert feature ensures you are alerted well in advance before approaching a High Voltage line or object.

Note : We do not manufacture the helmet. The helmet will be fitted with the High Voltage Detecting Device. Helmet is ISI marked complying IS2925 - 1984

Unique Features

Marked Safety Helmet complying with IS 2925 -1984, along with detachable clip mounted Rechargeable LED Head Lamp ( Depends on model) , Six Point Plastic suspension with adjustable ratchet /strip for size adjustment.

Helmet Technical Specifications

  • Helmet is complying with IS 2925 – 1984 (ISI Marked)
  • Six or 8 Point Plastic / Nylon head suspension.
  • Special Lamp Attach / Detach Clip.
  • Rotary Ratchet or Adjustable Band for head size adjustment
  • Sweat foam for comfort
  • Anti Slipping adjustable chin strap.
  • Helmet Colour : Yellow / White.
  • Made of UV resistance HDPE
  • Weight of Helmet : Approx 400 Gms

Technical Specifications of HV detection Unit (Inbuilt) / Attachable

  • Detects 11 KV at approximately 0.8Meters distance.
  • Battery Operated 3VDC.
  • Test Mode Switch.
  • Audio Beep Alert.
  • Visual LED Alert.
  • Compact.