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Harness Mounted Lowatt Portable Led Inspection Lamp

Harness Mounted 10Watt Portable Led Inspection Lamp

This device finds extreme utility in hands-free powerful illumination of area to be worked upon / inspected. Helmet with light have certain limitations on the weight and hence high power lights with long backup cannot be worn on the head. This innovative chest / harness mounted hands free flood lights has been developed for the first time in India by Om Energy Savers. It consists of a 10Watt LED Flood lighting system mounted on an adjustable & comfortable chest & shoulder belt that is able to provide a wide area illumination at high intensity keeping the users hands free. Its flood light can be adjusted up /down as per users requirement. A powerful Rechargeable Lithium Ion / Lithium Polymer battery provides a long backup ! Available in versions of 4 / 8 / 12 Hours backup versions as per user requirement. Easy to use ! User friendly. It complies with the IP-654 specifications & can be used in all weathers including rains.

Unique Features

Technical Specifications

Sr. Parameter Value / Description
Light Source 10 Watt Power LED
Focus Method Reflector
Enclosure IP65, Cast Aluminium
Mounting Method Adjustable Chest Harness System.
Up / Down Adjustment Yes
Beam Width 100o Approximately
Backup Time 4, 8, 12 Hrs versions.
Battery Type Internal / External type - Lithium Ion / Polymer
Electric Fast Charger Provided
Operating Modes Low / High ( Optional) , Default : 1 Mode.
11 Ingress Protection IP64 /65
12 Minimum Order Qty 25 Pcs
13 Warranty 1 Year.
14 Models 4 Hrs - OES-CMLEDFL-04H
12 Hrs - OES-CMLEDFL-12H