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Extra Long Backup Emergency Lights

Extra Long Backup Dual Head Industrial Emergency Lights

These are specially designed long & extra long backup LED Emergency lights. Dual Heads / Lights facilitate more coverage area. The lamp heads are adjustable in the horizontal plane and vertical plane. Actual product looks may vary depending upon the wattage and configuration of the emergency light. It consists of powerful lithium ion battery and is available in backup version of 4, 8, 12 & 16 hours. Powerful lights can penetrate in smoke to considerable extent. Available in Smoke activated lights versions also where in, in addition to activation on power failure, the lights can activate on smoke detection. An optional independent non-integrated smoke alarm can also be provided as additional feature if a smoke alarm system does not exist in your premises.

Unique Features

Technical Specifications

Sr. Parameter Value / Description
Light Source 10W  OR 15W X Power LED ( LED Chip / LED cluster)
Focus Method Lens
Enclosure IP65, Cast Aluminium for lamp. Battery Box is made of high grade plasitc
Mounting Method Wall mounting brackets
Up / Down Adjustment Yes
Beam Width 100 o Approximately
Backup Time 4, 8, 12, 16 Hrs versions.
Battery Type Internal  Lithium Ion / Polymer
Electric Fast Charger Inbuilt Charger
Activation On Power Failure  + Smoke detection ( Additional Chargeable Feature)
11 Smoke Alarm ( Independent) Additional Feature  - can be provided at additional cost.
12 Ingress Protection IP64 /65
13 Minimum Order Qty 10 Pcs
14 Warranty  1 Year.
15 Models: 4 Hrs - OES-DHLBELL04H ( 10W  / 15W)
8 Hrs - OES-CMLEDFL08H ( 10W  / 15W)
12 Hrs - OES-CMLEDFL12H ( 10W  / 15W)