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Energy Saver for Air Conditioners

Power Saver for Air Conditioner / Energy Saver for Air Conditioner

  • Tested by Govt. of India Test Lab.
  • Available in 2 Models Viz : Regular & Intelligent Model with E Sense.
  • Saves 20 to 25% Energy without compromising on human comfort.
  • Human presence e sensing technology.
  • Easy to install
  • For Window & Split Air Conditioners from 0.75 to 2 TR.
  • Available for higher capacity air conditioners also, however it requires assessment which is on chargeable basis.

Air Conditioners are responsible for almost 70% of the energy consumption in most of the establishments. Many a times, in spite of the thermostat being present, air conditioners experience a thermal saturation condition and some excess cooling cycles.

“A thermal saturation point” is a state that occurs when the temperature of the room does not drop below a certain point and inspite of that, the compressor is forced to operate continuously because the set temperature is not achieved. Energy spent at this stage is not utilized but wasted, as practically no heat exchange takes place. A thermal saturation point is never constant and depends on lot of factors like capacity of Air Conditioner, Room size, Occupants in the room, ongoing Season , and Day time / Night time etc.

Also due to laws of thermodynamics, the cool air settles down in the room and hot air rises up , as a result we sometimes experience excess cooling in the room. The reason is simple. The thermostat is located at a height inside the air conditioner and it senses the temperature of the warmer air present in the upper zone rather than the cool air that has settled down (where we sit / sleep) & hence the compressor is cut off only after the hotter air present in the upper zone actually achieves the set temperature. This too causes wastage of energy.

Power Saver for Air Conditioners are available in 2 models.

Technical Specifications

Feature Regular Model Smart Saver Model
Energy Saving % Age Upto  20% Upto 40%
Excess Cooling Prevention Technology Present Present
Thermal Saturation Prevention Present Present
AC Tonnage Range 0.75 TR to 2.0 TR 0.75 TR to 2.0 TR
Smart H Sense Technology Absent Present
Operating Voltage 0.75 TR to 2.0 TR 0.75 TR to 2.0 TR
Self-Consumption 1Watt 1Watt
Temp Detection Range 12o C to 36o C 12o C to 36o C
Dual TC Functioning No Yes
Indications Power & Status Power & Status
Warranty 2 Years 2 Years